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US Airlines to limit 'smart luggage' over battery fire fears.


'Smart Luggage' on your Christmas list? You may want to re-think your smart luggage purchase, or at least wait until the technology improves.

US airlines, including American Airlines and Delta Airlines, are implementing a “Smart Luggage Ban” - since the lithium ion batteries used as the power source for many of these 'smart bags' have proven to be highly combustible. This is posing a major fire hazard in the cargo hold of an aircraft. Customers who travel with smart luggage must be able to remove the battery; if the battery cannot be removed, the bag will not be allowed. However, if your smart bag carry-on complies with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, you may be able to bring a smart bag carry-on, as long as the smart bag is powered off during the flight.

Come the new year, The International Air Transportation Association (IATA), will introduce new guidelines on all 'smart luggage' – The new luggage policy goes into effect January 15, 2018.


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