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New Boarding Policy at American Airlines
New Boarding Policy at American Airlines - blog post image

American Airlines says their new boarding process, which includes NINE different groups, is helping to simplify the boarding process. Nine seems like a lot – so we’re waiting to see how things play out before making a judgement call on whether it’s simple or actually more complicated for passengers. So, if you’re an American Airlines passenger, be sure to take note of which boarding group you’re in. The first four categories are categorized as “priority boarding”. Those groups are:

  1. First Class and Active Duty U.S. Military
  2. Executive Platinum, oneworld Emerald
  3. Platinum Pro, Platinum, oneworld Sapphire
  4. Gold, oneworld Ruby, Alaska Airlines MVP, AirPass, Premium Economy, and Citi AAdvantage Executive card members, customers who purchased priority boarding.
  5. The next five groups are:

  6. Main cabin extra, Eligible AAdvantage credit card members, eligible corporate travelers
  7. Group 6
  8. Group 7
  9. Group 8
  10. Economy

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